Fill – #FMFriday

I have been spending the last week with my family. It has been a nice break from the craziness of life. No unpacking to worry about. Just relaxing and spending time together as family. It has definitely been a nice break. Tomorrow we head back home. To a house full of boxes and piles of stuff. Soon our house will turn back into our home. Looking forward to the next adventure.


Fill me up with time with family…

Fill my days with scrumptious breakfast, lazy afternoons and late night chats.

Fill my days with hiking and biking and wading in the water. Throwing rocks, filling all the cracks with sand, and a dusting of sunshine. A wonderful week with family.

That is what family vacations are all about. They make time stop and speed up at the same time. Time so precious when we live so far apart. A time to reconnect and share our love. That is what this past week has been about. So I’m leaving full of love and ready for the next adventure we will share. No matter what happens and where we go, we will always be family.

About Amanda

Hi I’m Amanda! I am a former Air Force member who has transitioned to being a stay at home mom and Air Force wife. My husband and I met in college in our military training program. Since then, we have lived in New Mexico and Ohio and now California. We have two sweet boys and are enjoying living in California where we have plenty of beach days and Disneyland trips! It sure is an adventure. I blog at Airman2Mom:
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